About Osborn


Osborn Family Health Center is committed to improving the quality of life of the community by providing comprehensive primary health care that is responsible to the community needs. We strive for excellence and serve our patients, their families, the community and each other with dignity, love and care.


Osborn Family Health Center was established in 1974 in a brownstone house on Haddon Ave. in the city of Camden, New Jersey. The house was donated by Dr. Edward Osborn, the first Chief of Surgery at Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center.

Due to the need for care of indigent patients, the center's volume tripled in the first two years of operation. Over the year's Osborn expanded it's programs to include Pediatrics and Family Practice in addition to OB/GYN.

In 1976 Osborn moved into a renovated Studebaker show room across the street from the medical center. Osborn remained there until 1999 when the Sister Elizabeth Corry Ambulatory Care Center was built.

Osborn is forever indebted to The Franciscan Sisters who started the program as a OB clinic within the hospital, to Dr. Edward Osborn for his generous donation, and the community in which we serve.