Counseling Counseling in Camden

Osborn Family Health Center in Camden social workers can assist patients with many areas of counseling in Camden. They work closely with Osborn providers treating the "whole person." 

Other Services

When you select Osborn as your provider you can access a full range of medical services and support services for your entire family.  We have Pediatrics, Women's Health, and Adult medical services. Thanks to our highly skilled, compassionate staff and our commitment to wellness and health education, Osborn continues to be a recognized leader in community health care.  


Deborah Bokas, MSW LCSW

Director of Behavioral Health

Specializing in over 30 years of counseling in Prenatal Care and Gynecology. Accepts all types of referrals. Hours are Mon-Friday by appointment.

Christine Minerva, MSW LCSW

Accepting all types off counseling referrals including adults, children, and substance abuse.  Specialization in Domestic Violence and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders.

Hours are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday by appointment.

Christie Babilonia, MSW, LSW

Specializing in bilingual counseling services: Spanish and English. Accepting all counseling referrals for adults and children, with specialization in pediatrics.

Hours are Mon.-Friday by appointment.

Insurance/Financial Assistance

Osborn welcomes Medicaid, Medicare, and most insurance plans. Patients are never refused care based ability to pay. For those without insurance coverage, a sliding fee scale, based on income and family size, is available. Our on-site financial counselors make it easy for you to find out what assistance you may be eligible for and will help you with the application process.


Call 856-757-3700 for all types of appointments. Open scheduling (without an appointment) accommodated if social worker is available.